The Best Video Conferencing Solution Is Scalable Video Phone Technology

The need for the best video conferencing solutions for businesses cannot be understated. We often see the image of the “big conference meeting with Japan” in movies, TV shows and commercials. While such meetings do regularly take place, even small- to medium-sized businesses can take advantage of video conferencing technology to streamline communication and collaboration with both clients and internal groups.

Traditional Solutions

A common problem for many businesses is that a video conferencing system that fits their company’s size is not available. The solutions are either small and unprofessional or overly complex and too expensive. What has held these solutions back from becoming the best video conferencing option?

Many small businesses decide out of necessity to use free systems. Online conferencing systems that use webcams or smartphone cameras are affordable or even free. They are reliable most of the time, but make no promises of quality or availability. Due to these limitations, free systems will never be the best video conferencing option.

Using such a system will not inspire much confidence in your business. Just as a business without uniforms, an old dirty truck and no logo might not gain the trust of their clients, those who don’t use the best video conferencing systems will not appear as true professional operations.

On the other hand, the top-of-the-line enterprise level systems simply aren’t built with the small- to medium-sized business owner in mind. Salesmen will often oversell these products to businesses that will never utilize the myriad of functions and bandwidth that they provide.

Video Phones – A Scalable Solution

A truly scalable system will always have a bigger audience than one that is too simple or too complicated. Video phones have become one of the best video conferencing solutions since they can scaled infinitely with little effort. Since a video phone is basically just a normal phone that connects to a high-speed Internet connection, expanding your conferencing system is as easy as buying another phone.

Since every business needs basic Internet access and these plans are more affordable than ever before, installing a video phone, the best video conferencing solution, into your system only takes a few minutes. If you only need two video phones to begin with, that is just fine. Later you can expand as you hire more employees or expand to multiple locations.

Ease of Use

Previously, starting up a conference call was way more complicated than it should have been. Even professional systems usually required a phone call to confirm that the other end was ready to receive the call. Regardless of the price of the system, quality was often low and performance was choppy.

It was not uncommon for a full time technician to be on-hand to assist executives in making conference calls to important clients. This tied up IT resources and kept them from more productive forms of work. Despite babysitting the system, problems were still common. Meetings were delayed and customers were angered. All this from what was supposedly the best video conferencing product available.

With video phones, the executive can simply pick up the phone and dial the number himself. The phone on the other end rings and the video conference is established. This ease of use is what sets video phones apart from the pack as the best video conferencing solution.

Video Conferencing Equipment For First Responders

Video conferencing has become a part and parcel of almost all the major meetings and it has provided solutions to lots of communication problems. It is very important to get the right kind of video conferencing equipment so that you can perform the conference without any trouble.

You must make sure that the equipment provides a clear picture as well as clear sound. There are various companies which manufacture these equipments. It is also very much essential to choose the right kind of company.

Other than this, video conferencing requires more than single equipment. All these equipments are equally necessary. The video conferencing systems are quite cost effective and have proved to be quite profitable for the users, specially the companies.

Other than the business institutions this equipments are equally popular among the first responders such as the police, fire fighters as well as the medical team. Conferencing has helped save lots of time as well as money. It provides a lot of support when the lives are at stake.

The users of the conference must have a desktop or a laptop with a webcam. Other than this, it must also have a microphone and internet connection which must be of high speed. You also need to have the proper software for the conference.

It is very important to purchase these products from trustworthy company which will provide a guarantee for the software and will also provide the product at a good rate. You can even compare the price of the various companies with the help of the internet.

There are certain rules which need to be followed during the video conference. It is very important to maintain decorum. The participants of the conference need to behave properly. Other than this, you also need to make sure that the participants can see as well as hear each other.

If you find problems in seeing or hearing a particular person then you must ask him to take his position in a better way. This must be followed more by the first responders. It has been found that many a times they work with the help of the video conference.

People on the other end provide instructions which they need to follow. So it is very important to see as well as hear clearly. The other thing which you need to follow is that try stay in one place.

If you move from one place to the other the person on the other end might get distracted. When you are speaking to the first responders during the emergency situations always try to be calm and speak slowly so that they can understand the instructions well and carry out the necessary steps to save lives.

Why ALL Business Owners and Managers Need to Consider Video Conferencing

As a business owner, manager or decision maker, you will understand the concept of ROI or Return On Investment. It’s interesting to see how often we use this term or phrase without actually applying its actual meaning. In fact, this term is often misused since we’re speaking about things that are not investments at all, but are instead costs. Costs are inherent to doing business. We cannot eliminate cost completely, but we can reduce it via analysis of our businesses and by making wise decisions on investments. The best investments will actually pay for themselves over time and permanently reduce the cost of doing business.

Investments come in many forms. In business, one of our most critical investments is into the people who we employ. We invest in people by paying them a salary, perks and benefits with the hope that their unique combination of knowledge, skills and talents bring positive outcomes and contribute to the overall success in reaching our business goals. As we break things down further, we of course see that things are not that simple; some employees provide a return while others are more accurately seen as costs. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complexity of investments vs costs in terms of doing business. It is this complexity that can cloud our judgement when it comes to making decisions on when to spend money, and when to hold back.

If we allow ourselves to generalize and accept that any new spending is bad, then we are not doing one of our most fundamental jobs as business managers. In ‘Business 101″ speak, we are all familiar with the saying “you need to spend money to make money”. I would add to that by saying “You need to spend money to save money”. In today’s world, I would argue that some of our most valuable and impactful tools have to do with technology. Some solutions are more apparent than others and some have only recently become more obvious as the business world evolves in tandem with technology.

Video conferencing is one technology that has quickly developed into a “game changer” that business managers should not ignore for much longer.

In the not so distant past, video conferencing systems were perceived as expensive “luxury” tools reserved only for high-level executives, CEO’s and multi-billion dollar organizations. This technology is quickly becoming a “must have” for companies, regardless of the size of an organization. With improved technology and dropping costs, video conferencing and distance collaboration are much more accessible to even small business owners. The best part? With proper implementation, these tools will actually pay for themselves in a short amount of time and will then convert into long-term cost savings for your business.